Amazfit Neo has charging problems

Last Sunday I fell victim to the temptation of buying myself an Amazfit Neo Black watch from NetOnNet (a norwegian retail store):

This is a retro watch very reminiscent of the old, simple and cool Casio digital watches from the 90’s. (Something MacGyver would love to wear ..) I really like it. It’s very nice, simple and affordable. And it’s a perfect fit when you’re not some kind of fanatic exercise and health nut. (To see product reviews, go to YouTube and do a search.)

I only occasionally want to know what my heart rate is, when I exercise. And all the other nonsense (GPS, pedometer, kcal burn, etc.) is uninteresting and distracting. (Why do you need GPS anyway? Do people get lost without it?)

I just wanted a nice and uncomplicated watch I could wear all the time. A watch that doesn’t look like mass-produced plastic. And doesn’t require a smartphone and endless fiddling before going for a walk.

I really hoped Amazfit Neo would be simple and not cause problems. But immediately after unpacking it, the first problem presented itself: It was unable to charge no matter how many different chargers I tried.

Turns out the watch needed extra pressure to connect to the charger:

In this picture you can see my pocket knife between the tight watch strap and the back side of the charger. This creates just enough pressure onto the charger pins .., and it’s the only way I can get the watch to continuously charge.

I’m a little disappointed by this. It speaks to the quality of the design.

The watch strap on this watch is also very short. I guess I have to buy a longer one.

UPDATE 2021-03-23: The problem seems to have gone away since the last two recharges has succeded without problems.

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